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Breathe Deeply To Bring Your Mind Home To Your Body

Sophrology at international schools

Sophrology at International School

Growing up in a multicultural setting with increased mobility can create a unique set of opportunities and challenges.  Our students can find themselves  juggling multiple expectations, values, and identities.

When young people feel overwhelmed, they can experience anxiety, poor sleep or tension headaches. In these times Sophrology helps by reducing muscular tensions and creating the breathing space that enables them to approaoch challenges in positive ways.

Working with internationsl schools for over 20 years, I have seen the clear benefits Sophrology provides. Introducing breathing spaces into their busy schedules has been transformational for many students I have worked with.

International Schools are commited to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their students. Sophrology is a tried and tested method that helps students to relax their bodies, reconnect with their emotions, recharge their intentions, and redirect their minds.

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The Breathing Space Experience

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A typical session includes tension release exercises, breathing techniques, visualisations, and gentle body movements.


Individual sessions cater for personal challenges.


Group sessions typically offer a more general introduction to meditation but can also target specific group goals.


Why Sophrology?

Why Sophrology?

Sophrology incorporates techniques you might associate with Mindfulness, Yoga, or Gratitude Pratice.  It is a validated method that teaches us to relax, recharge, and move forward with increased awareness and positive intentions. The easy physical exercises, breathing techniques, and visualisation exercises bring tangible results within a short space of time.

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Improved sleep and increased concentration.

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A relaxed body and focused mind, increasing sense of well-being.

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Instant release of stress and anxiety.

About Breathing Space

Having worked with international young people in the outdoors and in boarding schools for over 20 years, I developed a particular interest in the practice of Sophrology with children and teenagers. Growing up can bring about many personal challenges and struggles and it is important to learn how to manage stress and anxiety early on in life.

When I decided to become a qualified Sophrologist, I had already enjoyed years of practice for myself and was using the techniques on a daily basis in my personal and professional life. I have clearly seen the benefits that Sophrology offers: a better quality of sleep, a greater capacity to cope with stress, and a feeling of being more relaxed and focused. Students regularly report a growing sense of calm and gratitude.

BreathingSpace is Sophrology that understands the unique challenges and benefits of an international life. It relaxes the body, calms the mind and increases focus and resilience.

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About Us

A Few Highlights Of My Experience And Qualifications Include:

  • 20 years of working with international students in the outdoors, the classroom, boarding houses, and extracurricular activities.

  • 4 years working as a teaching assistant / learning support for students between the ages of 5 - 18.

  • Writing and ammending IEPs for students to meet their individual needs and potential.

  • Supporting individuals and groups with EAL considerations.

  • Managing students' behaviour and maintaining records.

  • Regularly communicating with students' parents, house parents, therapists and teachers to strengthen the supportive network for individual students.

  • Invigilating exams

  • Leading individual interventions for neurodiversity or personal and social development.

  • Introducing sophrology to La Garenne, working with individual students to support their learning, emotional regulation and personal growth.

  • Leading breathing and relaxation groups during break times and as ECAs.

  • Making regular practice of sophrology part of the PSHE curriculum and teaching it.

  • Child safeguarding training and a great attention to detail when it comes to student health and wellness.

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"On the outside, nothing much has changed since I started Sophrology. But looking back, everything is different now."

— Student at Le Régent International School

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"I like how it makes me feel. I worry less now. I did my exercises right before the big debate and smashed it. I was so confident and I kept smiling."

— Student at Le Régent International School

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"School can be really stressful. Sophrology helps you to chill out. I sleep much better now and I can focus for much longer"

— Student at La Garenne International School

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